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erworld.tv/id431.html us media so angry with trump as he's questioning its  existence as much as 20th C notion of trusting politicians  

china development

online library of norman macrae--

91 Economist-Future without Politicians

76 into Entrepreneurial Revolution

77 China Thanks 

we now know why chinese capitalism became the future of worldwide youth entrepreneurs and sustainable curricula of education

in 1976 the first ever non-state owned businesses were invited to be led by billionnaire chinese diaspora as inward investors in infrastructure - this came naturally to these traders as they had innovated the technology of the superports of the eastern hemisphere

in about 1988 the party required all its future leaders to "graduate" mainly from tsinghua university and type 2 businesses were those licensed to party leaders to privatise state assets

and that might have been where the story ended in the most effective manufacturing and logistics (but not particularly ) human growth economy ever  designed

except that english teacher jack ma visited usa in 1994 and started asking how could www media create jobs- the catch 22 was he had to become a diaspora billionnaire registered in hong kong before he could ipo a business  out of mainland- fortunately this gave his teams -and thousands of Hangzhou citizens - up to 14 years to design every back from future of big data analysis small model worth webbing

two other net sayvy men followed him which is how china came out to BAT with 3 internet business (baidu, ali baba and ten cent) out of 3 supercities Beijing, Hangzhou (Shanghai) and Shenzhen

  • now the genii was out of the bottle- what purpose is your business developing country and youth's social world trade around
  • digital media (from ecommerce to social credit ) can small enterprise every market sector and blockchain can futurise g20 societies and global youth webs worth trading with
  • xi jinping wrote  a book on the rejuvenisation of china out of every supercity and (serve china) village, and every generation agreed this was the only way out of elders having no social safety net other than brilliant youth livelihoods and worldwide connections through 3 languages chiense english and coding

and suddenly while the west persisted with education unions, elders-only political parties and the dumbest big organisation media in the world, china is the collaboration epicentre of all sustainable worldwide youth entrepreneurs 

come and try a 6 month student exchange...open space social innovation and action learning ideas to your hearts content 

are you interested

in supercities and

.... supertrains


To RACHEL @ WorldPossible with thanks to under 30s journalists for humanity scarlett(wise@beijing), amy and yuxuan (sir fazle's 80th in Bangladesh), Bella at W.Baltimore , song (youth architect laureates at UN)


and following web sub-editors

blockchainopen.com and city











Since 2005, Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus has dedicated the rest of his life to inviting 12 types of systems into partnerships round exciting sustainability goals – the whole of which is now led worldwide through the world class branding of Grameen. This web (FC.com) “windows” particularly on information on which goodwill corporations are joining in to free global markets valuation of sustainability. Fc.org concentrates on changing professions and constitutions of leadership. Fc.net focuses on how netizens can change job creating world. YunusUni.com  (along with Obama & Clinton Uni) focuses on Sustainability Universities   Prior to 2005 DR Yunus focused mainly on 3 windows of connecting micro social business systems which he spent most for his previous 30 years as microeconomist and collaboration networker designing round 10 times more economical community models for serving life critical needs (jobs and community markets, knowledge hubs and health and safety, childrens education and nutrition, clean water energy food; mobilisation of worldwide vital information and opportunity to entrepreneurially co-create. These were purposes that  8 million parents and female poorest of his bank most wanted intergenerational investment in. Today Dhaka is the world’s benchmark capital en route to any sustainability capital with arguably Paris and Glaswegian youth staging the most energetic microentrepreneurial collaborations with Bangladeshi’s. This need not be surprising to anyone who knows which nations have always taken adam smith’s exponentials rising models of communities most seriously and openly.
catch up on yunus new vocabulary and with 1000 readers of his 2010 Social Business book http://worldcitizen.tv -and why yunus centred networks are invited to collaborate in making 2010s the most exciting decade - the 60s gen only had the moon to race to; the net gen has planet earth and its people to unite round sustaining

2010s Most Exciting Decade:  SWOT 12 Collaboration Partners (CP) in Sustainability's Rising Exponential

Dad's & DR Yunus' stories of ER (Entrepreneurial Revolution) 
Celebrate NewChange OldHi-Trust Macro
.CP12 ER Netizens.CP4 Place LeadershipCP7 Collab Nation
.CP11 Digi Youth Jobs.CP5 Media foir Humanity.CP8 Goodwill Corporation
.CP10 SB Prizes CP6 Trillion$ Audit.CP9 Collab Uni
.CP3 MicroSummit.CP2 Micro Foundation.CP1. Micro SB Bank




Thought for the Decade: President Obama: 16 April 2010: We know that without enforceable, common sense rules to check abuse and protect families, markets are not truly free
Trillion $ audit has been open sourced since 1999 to unite professions around hi-trust rules and sustainability's rising exponential; MicroSB banks have demonstrated 10 times more economic community models since 1976; Hi Trust Macro Partnerships began with invitations by a Sustainability Uni and Nobel Laureate Dr Yunus in 2005; Entrepreneurial Revolution Netizens haven't quite got our act together yet in spite of 26 years of dialogues on this and the invention of www


Welcome to Future Capitalism Partnership Maps for Developing a world without poverty and connecting 2010s as most exciting decade for record sustainability achievements.

I have been lucky enough to have known (and to some extent diarise) 2 heroes who have been inviting entrepreneurs to work on these challenge since 1976 . Do feel free to contact us if we can share any mapping info.
 Our association of family foundations isabellawm.com asks : Would you like to join us (info@worldcitizen.tv ) in belief that this coming decade will be celebrated wherever people breathe as the one where women, children and the poor turned round the big system follies of old macroeconomists so that this new century can be one that every baby is born into life’s extraordianry co-creative journey with equal opportunity health,  happiness and other human rights you would equally wish for any baby you parent.

Interdependence Day 2010 - Can your networks and communities help Dr Yunus Change Capitalism - world's inaugural microeconomics summit Glasgow 4 July includes 70th birthday wishmaking for 2010s most exciting decade to be alive - the one where peoples reform globalisation to be sustainable for all communities and all children creating 7 billion jobs worthy of humans creative lives

Back in 2005, 40 people met at http://www.the-hub.net/ - each declared a sustainability crisis that they would collaborate all their networks round in an effeort to retirn global systems to sustainability by 2012  Even after 3 years and 13 meets with Dr Yunus, it has seemed like a netizens bridge too far until we heard that a friend of Dr Yunus in Glasgow has been preparing to make that a best twin city of Dhaka for 20 years . Now even my 2005 sustainability challenge of getting the BBC to be the social busienss change Yes WE Can be seems possible


- what Yunus 70th birthday wishes can we all linkin and interact round Glasgow and Collaboration Cafe from Interdependence day on?

Visit Future Capitalism at: http://futurecapitalism.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

congratulations yunus! from leaders: queen sofia (spain) Bill Clinton (USA) Princess Maxima (Netherlands) ... safe banking networks: ingrid munro (jamii bora 1 2 kenya), sam daley-harris (microcreditsummit 1), alex counts (grameen foundation usa 1); Choudhury (ASA 1, Bangladesh), Attali (Planet Finance France), Zafar (Kashf, 1 Pakistan)
stars: hugh jackman (Australia), TheGreenChildren (Los Angleles 1 2)
YOU rsvp your video to info@worldcitizen.tv

Most Important Crisis in History

Future Capitalism is one of the 5 brilliant collaboration frameworks tested by microeconomists and microentrepreneurs, originally in Bangladesh inspired by the end poverty leadership of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.

A Future Capitalism partnership connects one of the world's deepest community owned networks such as world's 10 benchmarks of microcredit referred to by 91 members of congress to one of the world's most resourced organisations.


29 June- 24-hour Youth Dialogue & 69th birthday party with Yunus

Would you like to becme a tour guide to safe banking and future capitalism?

FC partnership aims to innovate a life critical service governed by a social business model.


Goodwill multiplies. In FC, this means that the reputation gain as a global industry sector brand leader advancing human progress goes to the well resourced organisation while the local grassroots network owns and operates a newly vital service and reinvests surplus from the business in replicating or improving the service to accelerate progress in ending poverty.

info@worldcitizen.tv Vote for the most audacious goal and deadline that you can imagine united humanity achieving. Next start mapping which industry sectors will need to join in that Future Capitalism - Tell us what you chose -or click if was one of these -end malaria, end poverty, create 5 million US green jobs ...

 Intriguingly, as 10000 youth dialogues are validating the whole world is now gaining from FC partnership innovations in sectors such as solar energy and job creation in the community which because they required community integrated infrastructures were not within the investment radar of Wall Street and other macroCapitalism markets who through the 00's have increasing lost touch with sustainability investment into what most of humanity values as innovation's most vital goals. We welcome any way we can help guide those who may be interested in Future Capitalism as effectively one of the exciting media innovations ever, and one which can renew the compound goodwill that free markets are assumed to transparently systemise according to Adam Smith's origin of this construct.

Where to Go, What MicroWorld Championship Practices You Will See
.Jamii Bora, Kenya.Safe BankingMost economical health insuranceBusiness School for Any Hard Working PersonWorld's Most Loved Housing EstateComing soon WholeFoods Coffee Fair Trade..
.Grameen, Bangladesh.Safe Banking.12500 Interconnecting Knowledge HubsWorld's Most Prolific Solar Installer.World's favourite partner in  mobile innovation leapfrogging.Number 1 source  and alumni of yes we can end poverty..

Welcome to the futures now web which 7 billion people can join in mapping if microeconomics and peoplepower is used to wholly value humans most urgent service needs : health, education, banking, agriculture (water, food, energy), government for and by the people, media truth and interactivity for every comunity rising.

If your flow (1 2) would like to collaborate in this wholeplanet productive and demanding celebration of humanity, please look below the blog. Here we feature a draft letter-  we invite you to edit and send to any leader you can connect to; our blog will WinWinWin cheer on those who do this now.
help us audit any other trillion dollar global markets that could mess up your children's world

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dad (Norman Macrae)

1976- after 133 years of The Economist being founded by Scots round the social action of empowering everyone to participate in free markets, the evidence was irrefutble that rich tv ad saturated nations had destroyed all the community integrating assumptions on which Adam Smith's frameworks were based. My 1976 ER survey called for reinvention of microeconomics system design before the net generation 1985-2025 rushed to go local-to-global. 

I use the word entrepreneur to brand the economics I trust to sustaiin exponentially better futures for youth, families, communities because I assume its the one word in the lexicon that macroeconomists can't redefine for their own ends. Literally the french "between take" refers to transfer of assets -and system transformation -of cutting off the heads of royalty who were controling all productive assets (liberte egalite fraternite depends on replacing thsoe who superpower by leaders who empower). Provided this innovation challenge is understood from 11 year olds up we can continuously find more peaceful ways to resolve troubles caused by those with power complexes. 
Dr Muhammad Yunus

The  entrepreneur is she who makes more jobs than she takes.

Everyone is born with entrepreneurship inside - the tragedy is how few people get the opportunity through youth to develop their own entrepreneurship

Knowledge networking age jobs are difefrent to those of the industrial era. Most will need to be created by young people. This means that schooling will need an Entrepreneurial Revolution
1:20 pm edt 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

from my viewpoint june 29 http://yunusforum.net  is the big chance to bring every idea we have got on how to sustain the world- quite literally we should have no fear of bringing to dr yunus- at least 10 earth changing why nots
why not let youth do package tour around the 1000 sustainability franchises that only exist in networking full form in bangladesh - this could be an inspiring social business for undergraduates and indeed all youth social business networks -it needs a heck of lot of editing by everyone but that's the rough idea of http://futurecapitalism.com
why not transform the whole of global corporate branding - why not value corporations by the greatest reponsibility partnerships their sectors show - this is the meta-strategy of dr yunus future capitalism - and in his first 2 years in search of it he has signed up about 20 corporate partners (innovation matching world's most resourced organisations with networks serving the m ost life-crtotical needs) whose industry sectors can never be the same again -one day this is what http://futurecapitalism.tv is for
since 1984, the only true leadership game anywhere is:  will we compound threats or opportunities of knowhow being 10 times cheaper to share- what professions have done to compound threats would be mindboggling if it wasnt for 25 years of what gandhi had to mentor my grandad on -sustainably getting rid of the english from India amd getting rid of wall street from the planet have remarkably similar trajectories of denial -america wont get another obama - how do we make sure every undergraduate class 09/10 knows the choice of stage they bed
why not set up a youth training club of future capitlalism journalists and develop a lot of open content which can be self-custmised into undergrduate sustainability e-books;
 why not set up a join pan-bangladeshi consulatncy to us banking and obama - these are some of the sorts of debates that I hope june 29 will become a magical youth YES WE CAN moment of;
 then at another level of details we need to down by application area
its my understanding that you folk paul and nina are happy to take on the nature-green energy practice exploration
there are 7 microsummit wonders that dr yunus talked about the firsto0f 7 times I met him ; I will try and send out a one-pager making thsoe clearer later in the day
 paul I dont know what you intend to do in new york monday evening- I will be offline after about 6.30 am monday east coast time though I will look in at a internet cafe about midday - say if peter and I or others should try and connect before tuesday breakast
best, chris
until monday 6.30 am 301 881 1655
please mail info@worldcitizen.tv if you have a link to this 
DC Feb 09

09 ashden  & GS at Royal Geo - London

Davos09: Health * Girl Effect
let's end top-down before it ends us

Grameen Solutions & Intel
11:45 am edt 

Monday, March 16, 2009

clean energy $194bn future capitalism market Monday, 16 March, 2009 12:10 PM

If any of you have time to go to this (details below) I would happily pay for ticket. It might make some collaboration contacts suitable for our meeting with a leading european broadcaster -paul rose - on clean energy cafe april 14 new york 8.30am.
chris macrae http://yunus10000.com
will you be at youth's 69th birthday FC party with dr yunus in dhaka
details chris macrae  DC 301 881 1655 or vivian (Paris) yunusmovie.com
 http://www.ashdenawards.org/ “It was one of the most inspirational evenings I have ever had”, Paul Rose, explorer and BBC Presenter of Oceans series.
Tackling the Energy Needs of the Poor (The Citi Series on Asian Business Leaders)
Sponsored by Citi Foundation.
March 24th
Registration: 12:00-12:30 pm; luncheon/discussion: 12:30 - 2:00 pm
Location: New York
Asia Society and Museum, 8th Floor, 725 Park Avenue, New York
Cost: $50 members; $75 nonmembers; $35 students w/ID (meal not included)
 Buy Tickets Online
Phone: 212-517-ASIA

Approximately 1.7 billion people around the world have no access to electricity, fuel prices are unstable, and low income families are asking for new ways to meet their household energy needs. This untapped market for clean energy has an estimated value of U.S. $194 billion, giving microfinance organizations a new business opportunity.

Learn how energy products are being tailored in new ways to the meet the needs of the poor and about the creative financing mechanisms that are now available to end-users; these financing arrangements are among the most cutting-edge innovations in the microfinance sector today.

Pam P. Flaherty, President & Chief Executive Officer, Citi Foundation will be presenting the opening remarks at the event.

- Asim Buksh, Founder, Buksh Foundation (Pakistan)
- Amit Chugh, Co-Founder & CEO, Cosmos Ignite Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (India)
- Harish Hande, Managing Director, SELCO-INDIA
- Phillip LaRocco, President & CEO, E+Co (USA)
- Harald Schützeichel, Director, Solar Energy Foundation (Germany)

- Ellen Morris, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Arc Finance

8:41 am edt 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

world serial banking - the most vital banking conferences ever held
2008 july; location bali, Indonesia; hosts incude muhammad yunus official stories networking web:  1

2009 June - Cartagena Colombia

info@worldcitizen.tv rsvp other relevant links or washington dc bureau 301 881 1655

1:20 pm edt 

how we got here -with special thanks to Bangladesh, France & Scotland
First Half Yearly Reports on Future Capitalism

Background (your comments on this welcomed at yunusworld dialogue #1)
BANGLADESH - It is probably the case that the 2 greatest microeconomists living today learnt to query their profession in Bangladesh whilst wars or famines were raging. It is definitely the case that Bangladesh has now spent over 30 years training over 100,000 grassroots networkers in community rising service economy.

FRANCE - as well as coining the word entrepreneur as the way of mapping how productively free are peoples, and how sustainable are communities' compound futures - France is leading today's mutinational corporate adoption of Future Capitalism with an SMBA at their leading business school and thanks to he brilaint corpoarte leaders at Danone, Veolia and Credit Agricole.

SCOTLAND's UNITED NATIONS 1850 - Adam Smith's hi-trust maps of free markets originated in the late 1700s but are often completely mistranslated by those who design economic models around big gets bigger. Adam's obsession with microeconomics aimed to reconcile his country's loss through a hostile takeover by the UK, an event around 1700 which led to Scots having more of our compatriots worldwide webbed than living in Scotland by the middle of the 19th century. Thus all local to global futures which you choose now  benefit from history's proven experiences from these 3 quarters and others (eg gandhi's Satyhagraha -communities unite in whole truth - since 1907) which we look forward to 
YOU informing US of.
9:33 am edt 

2010.07.01 | 2009.04.01 | 2009.03.01 | 2008.06.01

Link to web log's RSS file

We need help in editing this sort of letter and sending it out to leaders anywhere who might want to join in worldwide debate of what sustainability investment truly involves if every locality is toi be integrated productively and healthily into globalisation now

Dear Alan/Anyone

Ideally I need help in fine-tuning this letter before mailing out to various leaders. It seems to me that half year into debating the microeconomics fieldbook that changes the world we have reached the stage of the communications game where we need to prove we can get boardrooms to want to explore future capitalism debates. If some group of us can do so, then we can ask Dr Yunus if he would be honorary president of such a thinktank on the 6 microworlds - as well as highest fee rate service provider

chris macrae us 301 881 1655

FutureCapitalism.com - Exploring Economic Maps of 6 Microworlds - microbanking*micromedia*microhealth*microeducation*microagriculture*microgov -criss-cross future stocks in world's 100 biggest global free markets



Dear Chairman/...

Over the 60 years that my father and I have been advising corporations on the economic choices of media strategies, we have never seen a future change driver with such sudden manifestation as the capitalism debates being animated by Dr Yunus and Bill Gates. While the fieldbook of humanity’s capitalism is only 6 months old, the system changes in industry sector responsibilities represent both men’s lifelong entrepreneurial actions and human curiosities.


We would be delighted to help your company evaluate the opportunities and threats of engaging early in this new auditing of capitalism and media. Here is a summary of some of the publicly accessible benchmarks on changing industry leadership. We have already hosted a 30 person leadership luncheon with Dr Yunus in London so can help access his unique creative ideas for particular industry contexts as part of any evaluation program. This new microeconomics lens flows through everything an industry sector chooses to compound so we its maps integrating productivity and demand  flows give a trillion dollar auditing perspective - when applied to any one of the world’s 100 largest global markets.  

Banking services – microcredit has opened the worldwide debate :which economics system designs greater loan security

        investing in peoples and communities’ entrepreneurial productivities –wsj article http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120432950873204335.html?mod=djm_HAWSJSB_WelcomeSkip

         or amplifying consumption and ultimately householder debt

Internet sector –eg Intel is the first to go public of many that are responding to Dr Yunus’ challenge that just as banking for half the world didnt exist 30 years ago, to date the www has barely been used to Q&A what half the world most urgently wants to map

Service sectors – eg supermarket retail (whole foods) and airlines (Virgin) – returns to the intrapreneur models debated by my father in The Economist in the 1980s but not previously fully valued  

Charity Sectors –eg Bill Gates – why spend charity dollars once when social business dollars continuously recycle their investment

University sectors- HEC Paris from fall 008 is offering a 2 month SMBA on everything that MBAs need to unlearn if they are to value sustainability investments exponentials wholly and truly

Utilities – the French worldwide water and environmental company Veolia has started the social business partnership Grameen Veolia

Consumer goods- Grameen Danone partnership has changed the conversation on how nutritious can fortified milk foods be.

Revisiting privatisation models- In effect this is what Yunus and his fellow grassroots network leaders employing well over 100000 public service workers have been doing over 30 years. Bill Clinton assess the consequences of this at this short video

Pop industry- Dr Yunus and Grameen America have started planting his own responsibility pop group whose fundraisers invest in the most exciting healthcare social business franchises – eg eyecare where a 10 times lower cost model has been developed by a mixture of very Indian logic and hi-tech support including that which Larry Brilliant coordinated during his pre google.org career.

Yours sincerely

Chris Macrae , author world class brands and brand chartering how to live and learn the brand through communications scripts,

Co-author with Norman Macrae, of the 1984 futures report on will the net sustain or big brother peoples as the value multiplying gravities of productivity networks and place governments goes beyond nations

Co-author : Fieldbook of Valuetrue Mapping & Trillion Dollar Auditing  (in print)

Norman Macrae 20th C surveys at The Economist on national , intrapreneurial and privatization futures included the trilogy on Entrepreneurial Revolution http://normanmacrae.com


25 years of the simplest economics books for systematically debating what futures and capitalism will networkers integrate globally around every local community

New York : 9 minutes in the life of best-selling author


SMBAs transparently map microeconomics, empower peoples trust-flows, sustain investments in purposeful organisations to serve every community rising;
MBAs use perfect maths to extract resources from communities causing all sorts of crashes and sustainability risks to compound, global market sector irresponsibility spirals ever more damage on the poorest or most digitally divided
Which would you rather have ruling investments in organisation, media and communities around you?

RSVP map@smbaworld.com if you wold like to help blog on capitalisms





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